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    I have a form, its a timesheet for payroll. I have in and out fields for sunday thru saturday. I have buttons for each day of the week. I need to find out how to code for button clicks, i can write the calculation code, just need the code to specify the button click to calculate the time for that day. Is there any way to just calculate on the fly, not even have any buttons to call the calculation field.

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    Use the onblur event for your textbox, although this may cause confusion. Why not just use the onclick event for the button? Then call your function that does all the calcs.

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    Hi.<BR><BR>If im right, i guess youre talking of using other client side methods(in javascript) other that onClick(). I suggest using <BR>onfocus() and onblur() at each input field level, so that when a field is focused on,and has a value and is then left(blurred), your app can quietly take in the field values an process everything dynamically !<BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR><BR>IQ

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