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    Hi all,<BR><BR>My bosses have asked me to amend my asp store so that customers can pay for and download software electronically rather than receive boxed products. Does anyone know the simplest way to go about this? It all sounds like rocket science to me.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>alan

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    Hi...<BR><BR>Its not that complex.<BR>Yopu will need to set an ecommerce store to sell the products. However, youll only pay for processing fees per transaction to the merchant provider that will be processing each transaction. Once a credit card has been verified, ASP will track user session and product info variables. In context, this will lead you to a download page, where you can have an anchor link for the user to click on, and download to their hard disk.<BR>Remember, Security is a HUGE HUGE factor in any on-line payment processing, so tread carefully......<BR><BR>IQ

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    Well to star with it&#039s not rocket science but I know what you mean.. easies way it to get hold a a 3 party to run the encription and handel the money. using 128 SSLthere are loads out there. next take you current system from the login stage run a download site, where people who have paied for the product can come and have x amont of days to download the software. that how I see it. or something along these lines.

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