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    Murale Guest

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    Where i can get the CDONTS component, i have installed IIS, but i could not see cdonts.dll, can i download form any site, if so where and how to configure it? thanks in advance

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    Hakeem Sanni Guest

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    Which version of IIS did you install on your machine and on which Operating System? If it&#039s IIS 4.0 or higher installed on NT Server or Win2000 O.S., then check &#039&#060;rootdrive&#062;:WINNTSystem32&#039 e.g. &#039c:WINNTSystem32&#039 if it contains &#039cdonts.dll&#039. If its not there, then you&#039ll go to &#039Add or Remove Component&#039 in you IIS set-up or NT Option Pack 4.0 set-up and then check to see if SMTP Protocol is installed as part of IIS sub-components. If not, add(check) it to re-install.<BR><BR>Note: you&#039ll restart your system when this is done. Ok?

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