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    Morning!<BR>I need to catch moment when user press "Back" button in IE because I need to update previous page for security.<BR>Now previous page just loads after pressing "Back" and everybody can see what was for logged user. I need to put message that page has expared.<BR><BR>Thankssss!!!

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    use POST method - many browsers have an auto-warning<BR><BR>j

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    Default I use POST but......

    I use POST of course . But when somebody press "Back" (not on my page but in InternetExplorer) my previous page just loads and I even don&#039t go to my breakpoints because it isn&#039t updated in that case.<BR>It&#039s just loaded from cache (I suppose) and don&#039t check anything inside. I put<BR>&#060;%<BR>Response.Expires = 0;<BR>Response.AddHeader( "pragma", "no-cache");<BR>%&#062;<BR>at the beginning but that&#039s doesn&#039t help<BR>

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