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    Jon Guest

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    Can I have two submit buttons on the same page each one directing to a different location. If so How?<BR>Thank You.

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    give them a button type and let theit onclick go to javascript functions (2 or one with parameter saying which button was pressed) In function change form action to needed file:<BR>document.form_name.action = "aaa.a"<BR>and submit: document.form_name.submit()

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    can be done through javascript.<BR><BR>on normal submit, the other an &#060;input typ="button" onclick="myFunction()" /&#062;<BR><BR>where myFunction() is something liek<BR><BR>document.forms[&#039myForm&#039].action = &#039anotherpage.asp&#039<BR>document.forms[&#039myForm&#039].submit()<BR><BR>j

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    Svetlana Guest

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    You can put them for example in different tags &#060;form&#062;&#060;/form&#062; and on post for that forms send to different pages.<BR><BR>Or you can give them both name Action and set values for one is "First" for another is "Second"<BR>And in the beginning of page<BR>var action = Request.Form("Action");<BR>if (action == "First")<BR> Response.Redirect("one.asp");<BR>else Response.Redirect("another.asp");<BR>

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