How to update page every time?

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Thread: How to update page every time?

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    Svetlana Guest

    Default How to update page every time?

    Hello!<BR>I have a problem: if user logout and if somebody press Back buton he can again enter the closed session. <BR>I don&#039t know why but when I put breackpoints on that page and press Back the programme doesn&#039t break in. It seems that page loads from cache and are not updated. And in this case of course my checkings for session variables don&#039t work. And everybody can simply reach previous session by pressing "Back"<BR><BR>May be somebody knows the solution?<BR>Thanks ahead!!!!

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    Dirk Dhaenens Guest

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    Try to set page caching of.<BR>The header commands are available in some article on this site.<BR>Also set expires=0.<BR>Dirk Dhaenens

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    Svetlana Guest

    Default It doesn't help....

    I have written at the beginning of every page <BR>&#060;%<BR>Response.Expires = 0;<BR>Response.AddHeader( "pragma", "no-cache");<BR>%&#062;<BR>but pressing "Back" brings me againt to the abandoned session. <BR>I can&#039t understand why I can&#039t break on breakpoints when "Back" was pressed.

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    G Waddell Guest

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    Try this line at the top of the page. It has to be the very first line to work. <BR>&#060;%response.cachecontrol="no-cache"%&#062;

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