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    Cheeks Guest

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    Yo guys, need some help with some stuff. Will appreciate any help given. Many thanks in advance. <BR><BR>I&#039m trying to get this asp program to display, in a table form, some items. <BR><BR>For example,<BR>---Email--- ---Name--- ---Telephone---<BR><BR>Then I loop this to display whatever is available in the database. <BR><BR>The problem is this, I put the &#060;TABLE&#062; tag within the loop itself, so in the end, the output consists of many tables. Any idea how to get it to display in one big happy table?<BR><BR>Many thanks again.

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    Is there some reason why you need the &#060;Table&#062; tag within the loop? Surely if you put the loop inside the &#060;table&#062; &#060;/table&#062; tags, your problem will magically disapear

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    Can you provide code examples of exactly how this would work? <BR>Or possible point me/us to a site with information about specific to HTML formatting and use of ASP delimiters within simple HTML? <BR>Sounds easy but I am no HTML wiz. I have extensive SQL tasks that I am able to perform on My ORACLE8i database using my ASP scripts but my layout skills displaying this info in HTML are limited.<BR>Any help is appreciated..

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