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    I want to display a large image on the html page and as is, it downloads the image slowly from it&#039s top till the bottom of it. What I want is an effect that will display the whole image immediatelly with very very low quality, and slowly while downloading it, to clean and increase the quality till it appears entire. I have seen it in some pages but I don&#039t know how is being achieved. Really thank you for all replies in advance! :-)

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    It&#039s called &#039interlacing&#039<BR><BR>GIFs have it - open it in an image editor and make it so<BR><BR>JPEGs don&#039t really have it, but the pJPEG format (i think) does<BR><BR>you just need a decent image editor and you&#039re away<BR><BR>j

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    Thanx! I am on the way to convert my jpg to pjpg!

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    I use jpg format, but tell me: In order to make it like an intarlaced gif, which is the option? a) Make the jpg PROGRESSIVE or b) use png format instead of jpg. What does the "p" you mentioned stand for?

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