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    I&#039m building an intranet page that uses challenge/response authentication (hosted on IIS4.) In most cases IE will just pass their logon info through, but occasionally (maybe someone can explain why) someone will get a pop-up logon box. The tricky part is they have to remember to enter "domainusername" for it to work. I&#039d like to have a note in that pop-up logon box saying "BE SURE TO PUT DOMAINUSERNAME" or something like that. Is there any way to do this?

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    You cannot add text to that popup as far as i know. In EVERY case you have to enter your domain namelogin name.<BR><BR>If you use basic authentication the popuop will come if you use NT authentication NO popup will come. Maybe you have checked both in your IIS properties.<BR><BR>Check that out if it still does not work post what you have checked in your IIS properties and maybe we can help.<BR><BR>

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