Hey all,<BR><BR>I&#039m putting together a few little ASP apps like web-based mail, calendars, contact lists, etc, and hoping to integrate them. Reasonably big project, but quite a lot of fun at the same time. ;)<BR><BR>One of the modules I&#039m designing is a web-based bookmarks or favourites list, complete with descriptions, folders, etc.<BR><BR>I&#039m having trouble coming up with a decent design for the database though. My first thought was to have a table of folders, and a table of entries, but got to thinking that they&#039re essentially exactly the same. A folder has a parent, as does a bookmark, the only real difference is that bookmarks have links. So I thought of putting them in the same table, and I&#039m still see-sawing between the two.<BR><BR>Any ideas? I&#039m sure there&#039s a standard way of doing this that&#039s been proved by experience, I just haven&#039t found it yet!<BR><BR>Ta, Jeff