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    MikeM Guest

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    I&#039m new to ASP.<BR>Am a competent C,C++, PERL & JavaScript programmer & wonder what is the downside of using JScript as server side scripting language versus VBScript (which looks pretty in alien in style to me). Would much appreciate any help or any relevent URL. <BR>Thanks

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    GH Guest

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    Sounds like you should go with JScript. <BR><BR>The whole idea of server-side scripting is that you&#039re able to use the language you&#039re most comfortable with. This especially will be true with ASP+.<BR><BR>One downside is that most ASP programmers use VBScript and most of the help/samples/posts will be in VBScript. You&#039ll have to translate them, although it&#039s not a big deal. They&#039re just languages.<BR><BR>An upside is that you can use Try/Catch blocks with JScript. All you have with VBScript is &#039On Error Resume Next&#039. But most VB sites use no error handling at all.<BR><BR>Anyone else?

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