incoperating HTML in asp?

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Thread: incoperating HTML in asp?

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    Default incoperating HTML in asp?

    how is this done? <BR>i tried incorperating html but it just spews out errors maybe my syntax is incorrect or im missing "" <BR>? <BR><BR>create forms dynamically eetc? <BR>is this possible? <BR>thanx in advance

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    well, seeing as ASP is designed as an HTML-embedded server-side scripting framework, it&#039s reasonably easy. Since you haven&#039t shown the code where the errors occur, i can&#039t halp you any further, but it&#039s likely you&#039ve got your quotes messed up<BR><BR>to write<BR><BR>&#060;input type="text" /&#062;<BR><BR>do <BR><BR>Response.Write("&#060;input type=""text"" /&#062;")<BR><BR>j

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