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    Daniel Guest

    Default Arrays in Cookies???

    How can I put an array into one of the cookie values? Also how do I retrieve this back into an array when reading the cookie later on?

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    Default How about pseudo-arrays?

    Cookies hold *only* text (and there is a limit on the size of the text, though I don&#039t recall what it is).<BR><BR>But...<BR><BR>Why not use JOIN to turn the array into a delimited string and then, when you read the value, use SPLIT to turn the string back into an array? Low overhead, easy to do.<BR><BR>Just use a delimiter (it *can* be several characters, if need be) that you *know* does not exist in the values you are joining. (I have successfully used Chr(8) in the past--that&#039s the backspace character and can&#039t normally be entered by a user--but I don&#039t know if you can use that particular character in a cookie string. Probably.)<BR><BR>

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    suresh Guest

    Default RE: Arrays in Cookies???

    You can&#039t store an array in cookies.<BR>Cookies are used to store just a piece of information.<BR>You can use Session variable to store an array.<BR><BR>suresh P

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