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    Bill<BR><BR>You responded to my question about instream yesterday. <BR><BR>In my defense (grin) I didn&#039t write the chat room I&#039m trying to modify it to suit my needs. I don&#039t know why the author used text files for the chat portion but after your response I realized what you said makes sense. I really wanted this particular chat room because it has multiple room capacity.<BR><BR>I guess I felt that I shouldn&#039t reinvent the wheel when so many chat rooms are available.<BR><BR>Thnaks Bill you continue to teach me every time I ask a question.<BR><BR>Your time is appreciated.

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    Let&#039s do some "back of the envelope" computations:<BR><BR>How many chat rooms do you want active at the same time? 10? 20? We&#039ll pick 20.<BR><BR>How many messages do you want to keep, per chat room? 100? 200? 1000? (1000 represents about an hour and a half of remembered "chat" in a typical room...that&#039s at around 5 seconds per message. Many rooms are slower than that.)<BR><BR>Okay, and how long is each message? 100 characters? Probably not, but let&#039s say so.<BR><BR>SO:<BR><BR>20 * 1000 * 100 * 2 = 4,000,000 bytes (the * 2 is becuz VBS uses 2 bytes per character). FOUR CRUDDY MEGABYTES. With memory running around $1 per megabyte, if you add $4 worth of memory to your server, the rest of your software won&#039t even be able to *see* the memory used by putting the chat rooms into arrays of strings and putting those arrays into Application values.<BR><BR>Ehh?<BR><BR>

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