&nbsp;<BR> Ok, here&#039s my problem<BR><BR> With this code, everything was working fine:<BR><BR> sqlstring = "Select * FROM inquerito WHERE data &#060;= #" & date() & "# ORDER BY data DESC"<BR> Set rs3 = Conn.Execute(sqlstring)<BR><BR> It would retrieve all records where data is &#060; than the current date...<BR>But when date changed to october, it gives me an error saying either BOF or<BR>EOF is true... When i change the system date back to september it works fine<BR>again!!<BR><BR> In the same page, i have this code:<BR><BR> sqlstring="Select * FROM resultados WHERE data &#062;= #" & date() & "# ORDER BY data"<BR> Set rs1=Conn.Execute(sqlstring)<BR> dias = DateDiff("d", date(), rs1("data"))<BR><BR> Again, it worked fine, but when october came it seems to be getting all records and gives me a negative number for "dias"... I have many records with the field data past october, so i just don&#039t get it!!!<BR><BR><BR>