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    I want to create a comma delimeted ascii(generated from a SQL query) file when the user clicks on the download button and begin the download process for this file. What&#039s the best way to accomplish this in ASP.

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    first, use sql to create the string. for example:<BR><BR>select col1 + &#039,&#039 + col2 + &#039,&#039 + col3 as sql_str from table<BR><BR>then loop through that or use getrows. heres looping:<BR>strFull=""<BR>while not rs.eof<BR>strFull = strFull & rs("sql_str") & vbCrLf<BR>rs.movenext<BR>wend<BR><BR>then, in the page<BR>&#060;%<BR>response.buffer=true<BR>respons e.contenttype="text/plain"<BR>%&#062;<BR>then write the string

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