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    Combobox 1 has 14 categories, a manageable number such that I can use a case statement to re-populate combobox 2 in the onchange event of combobox1. But there can be upwards of 25 items <BR>in combobox 2, and I need to re-populate combobox 3 based on the selection in combobox 2. <BR>Can you help? I am using a SQL Server 7 DB.

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    Default You mean dropdowns

    So what have you tried so far??<BR><BR>You seem to know3 how to go about it so what is yout problem??<BR><BR>On change in DD1 submit and populate DD2 and on change of DD2 again submit and pupulate DD3 <BR><BR>What have the number of items got to do with anything. <BR><BR>Do you want to do this with clientside script??

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