I have a form with two fields email_name and date_completed<BR><BR>When a user submits the forms I want the asp to do the following:<BR><BR><BR>Check Form Variable email_name to all names in db<BR> If No Record Exists:<BR> Create Record<BR> Place email name and date completed in appropriate fields<BR> Redirect User to thanks.html<BR><BR> If Record Exists:<BR> Check if date exists for same test<BR> If Date Exists:<BR> Redirect User to exist.html<BR><BR> If Date Does Not Exist:<BR> Enter form var date into appropriate test date db field<BR> Redirect user to thanks.html<BR><BR>I am still a beginbner using ASP and could use some guidance. I am using an Access 2000 DB with one table called profile which contains<BR><BR>email_name, date_completed...however I thought about also using a boolean var in the table for whether the test was completed or not.<BR><BR><BR>Please email me at Dana.Kowalski@rl.af.mil<BR>with any possible solutions. Thanks!!