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    I am attempting to attach and report back with info from a large database. I am receiving an error that says "Identifier too long" and points to the following line of code:<BR><BR>ado_recordset.Open ado_command, ,adOpenStatic<BR><BR>Can anyone help?

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    Well, let&#039s guess.<BR><BR>Hmmmm...ado_command is actually a string of 10,000 "X" characters?<BR><BR>Hmmmm...adOpenStatic is a value you made up yourself that is the cube root of PI?<BR><BR>Hmmm...<BR><BR>Sorry. I know that was pretty silly. But, really, how can we possibly guess *which* identifier is too long from that tiny tiny tiny bit of information.<BR><BR>For that matter, did ADO issue the error or did SQL or did VBS? All you show is the bare text of the error, no error codes or other information.<BR><BR>Try again. This time, post all the relevant code *and* copy/paste the full error message.<BR><BR>

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