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    We&#039re trying to use getRows in a search engine, but are having problems passing a variable in a stored procedure. Here&#039s some code:<BR><BR>ListName = Request("ListName")<BR>objRS.Open "EXEC getList &#039" & ListName & "&#039" ,objConn<BR><BR>No problem when executing only the stored procedure without requesting ListName (the parameter).<BR><BR>Is this possible? Or is it that getRows dumps the entire recordset then disconnnects, so that it is not possible to use a variable as a "filter" with getRows/getTables?

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    GetRows and stored procs are different chocolate bars, still bars and taste the same.<BR>Something wrong with your stored proc, or something else. These two things are separated. can&#039t answer you , NOTENOUGHINFO.<BR>had some extra time

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