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    Any on have any ideas how to take an image and loop through its colour palette, altering the individual RGB values, to alter the overall colour of the image.<BR><BR>I want to take a map which is for example various shades of green, and change the green to varying shades of another colour selected by the user. I think you can use shotgraph for this and loop through the colour palatte in an array and then redefine the colours and rebuild the palette. But I am unsure how, and have had problems looping through the 2 dimensional array that shotgraph produces<BR><BR>Any Ideas??<BR>

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    It shouldn&#039t be too hard to implement a VBScript-based GIF file encoder/decoder - I wrote a library of image opeing/saving routines in C++ years ago. I&#039ll see if I can&#039t port the code across for you tonight...<BR><BR>Before I do though, is it the palette information that you want to alter, or the colours of individual pixels (there IS a difference)?<BR><BR>Marcus

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