Here is what I had posted before (please read the updated info):<BR><BR>Well I found some great information on how to edit the registry from ASP pages without having to buy any components, but then realized that NT user information is not stored anywhere in the registry. I have been unable to find any references anywhere on how one can programatically modify dialup permissions on user accounts in NT. There are lots of different ways to create accounts, change passwords, define when users are allowed to log on, etc., but none of them exposes the "grant dialin permission" property. If anyone knows something about this or could point me towards a forum where I might find more information I would really appreciate it.<BR><BR>Now for some reason everywhere I post this everyone seems to miss the point, so I&#039m going to try to be more clear. I can add users to my NT domain about 10 different ways. No problems there. The problem is adding dialup access. I can&#039t find any reference in an sdk, help file, web site, or anywhere on how to turn on dialup access for a user. Someone sent me an exe that he wrote in C++ that does it but he didn&#039t want to give me the code and I dont&#039 know him so I&#039m a little loathe to use it. If anyone know how in the heck I can get to this property, please let me know. Thanks a bunch.