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    I am trying to setup an SQL database that records the log files from an internet application. I must use the internet application log file that is created to see the detail I need (I cannot use the normal log file created through IIS server). Is there any way to get sql to pull data in from a .log file (keep in mind a new log file would need to be pulled in daily). Any help is much appreciated.

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    I don&#039t know your setup, but if you are behind Proxy 2.0 the answer is "yes." You can select to use an ODBC source to log web traffic. If you want Proxy to create the log for you, type the following:<BR><BR>\proxynamescripts oolsmkplog.exe<BR><BR>(proxyname = whatever the machine is called the proxy resides on)<BR>You will need a DSN setup on the Proxy machine. The rest is a piece of cake.<BR><BR>

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