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Thread: Sending a variable back to the previous page,.. pl

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    Steve Adamo Guest

    Default Sending a variable back to the previous page,.. pl

    Long story short, I will have users "logout" of my chat room, and be sent to my home page.<BR><BR>Is there a way I can have the page that redirects them to the home page, also send a variable to the page they were just on?<BR><BR>Here is the setup:<BR><BR>The chat room is comprised of 3 frames. The top has site navigaion, the middle is the chat text, and the bottom is the controls.<BR><BR>I have a "leave room" button in the controls area that takes the user out of the frames, and puts them on the home page. Basically it calls a seperate page with this code:<BR><BR>& = "http://sjadamo/redesign/home.asp"&#039<BR><BR>I want to be able to also fire off a variable back to the controls page in order to update the chat area with the persons departure,...<BR><BR>Any thoughts on how to do this?<BR><BR>Thanks beforehand! :)<BR><BR>Steve

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    Default You could try, but...

    ...if the chat page is wiped out by the logout, then it becomes a race, doesn&#039t it? If the wipeout occurs first...<BR><BR>Why not just send the "message" to the chat frame and then, when it has done its work, have *it* return a page that in turn "breaks out" of your frames via that code?<BR><BR>

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    Steve Adamo Guest

    Default *turns off stupid machine*

    sorry,.. what was that you said,..<BR><BR>i couldnt hear you over the sound of my own stupidity,.. :)<BR><BR>thanks for your advice,.. it did the trick,..<BR><BR><BR>Steve

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