How do I simulate a cookie?

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Thread: How do I simulate a cookie?

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    Art Dodger Guest

    Default How do I simulate a cookie?

    I&#039ve little problem!<BR>I&#039m retrieving the sourcecode of a website with some sort of get Content object (ASPTear). Works fine, but sometimes I enter a page where the website wants me to receive a cookie before letting me in. This is not a special cookie, maybe just some sort of timestamp and stuff like that. It&#039s not a secured site!<BR>But how the heck do I simulate a cookie on the server. The retrieve method is running on a server as other ASPcoding :O)<BR><BR>Regardz<BR>Art&#039<BR><BR>

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    DontWorry Guest

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    Well,<BR>You know that the machine , first looks for the cookie and if it finds it , it wont ask you to accept another. So, maybe you can find what, where, and why for the cookie and that isn&#039t to hard.<BR>dw

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