SQL 7.0 vs. SQL 2000

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Thread: SQL 7.0 vs. SQL 2000

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    Jason Guest

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    We have a client that will be running their web site on Windows 2000 Server. They currently use SQL 7.0. Would it benefit them to move to SQL 2000 when we build the site? Why or Why not?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    You sound like a teacher giving an essay exam! Why or why not? ;)<BR><BR>Well, more people right now are familar with SQL 7 then 2K. BUT, if they have the chance to upgrade now, why not? They&#039ll eventually do it some day. Every new release comes with some new bells and whistles, so you might as well do it now to stay on top of technology.<BR><BR>Do I get an A?

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