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    Big Al Guest

    Default Count function

    Can I use count to read how many words are in a text field? or count how many spaces there are in the text field??

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default Easy (when you know how)

    Try This<BR>MyStr="This is some text with spaces in"<BR>MyArray=Split(MyStr,-1,1)<BR>Response.Write Ubound(MyArray)

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    Sateesh Guest

    Default RE: Count function

    MyStr="This is a example text" <BR>Count=Split(MyStr," ",-1) <BR>Response.Write Ubound(Count) <BR>since it takes only the spaces as a delimeters it will only return 4 since there is no space before the starting word, so you can increment the count value by 1 or insert a pace before the first word to get the words count.

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