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Thread: VB/ASP or .NET or DHTML

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    If you were going to develop a fairly complex, Web based app - which<BR>includes a diagramming tool and an HTML editor - with SQL Server on the<BR>back-end, what technology would you choose?<BR><BR>* ActiveX / OCX<BR>* DHTML<BR>* .NET<BR>* Java<BR><BR>I&#039m leaning toward writing this complete app in VB/OCX project. This is<BR>built for a LAN, so the cab file size is not so much an issue, and Netscape<BR>is not a consideration.<BR><BR>Any thoughts?<BR><BR>- lpm<BR>

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    dHTML can&#039t connect to databases, so no. you could use some of it.. similarly ActiveX, use some of it, but you won&#039t do a whole ap with it.<BR><BR>.NET doesn&#039t exist fully as yet (only beta)<BR>Java would be expensive to implement<BR><BR>ASP / SQLServer would be great. alternatives include Cold Fusion (yeuch), PHP, JSP and several other frameworks<BR><BR>j

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