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    is there a way to refresh a page onload only when the user clicks the back button on the browser. if you don&#039t follow i am in page1 and i submit. it goes to page2, then i click back on the browser so it goes to page1. And i want it to refresh. Thanks

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    Why not simply set a Response.Expires/META TAG to expire Page 1 every time ?<BR><BR>If youre not telling the browser to cache the page, you can bet<BR>that the browser wil have to fetch a new copy from the server, and that it wont be cached on the clients&#039 hard disk.<BR><BR>Try e.g Response.Expires = -1000 to guarantee content expiration and allow for client/server time differences....<BR>Also, beware of proxy servers too...check out the pragma settings in the meta tag..this can be set in the page too....i hope this helps !<BR><BR>IQ

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