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    I have to write an ASP for a secure "bulletin board". Only the administrator is to be able to view all records. The user has to login but can only see their own records from the DB. This is to take the form of a "counselling" type page. Any pointers would be gladly welcomed.

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    What sort of questions do you have? As for using security, there&#039s a great article on 4Guys on this. Lemme find the link. Here it is:<BR><BR> ASP has something called a Session object that you can use for the duration of a user&#039s visit. My suggestion is to have a login somewhere on your first page. When the user has successfully logged in, store their username in the session object. Then on each page you want to make secure, check the username against the database to see what sort of access they have.<BR><BR> Hope that helps. If you have any specific questions, post them.<BR><BR> - Jeff

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