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    i have to ask the procedure for getting my website online.<BR>first i&#039v to register a domain name from any site say<BR>what is the next step?<BR>how do i buy space from any server?<BR>and for maintaining the database , how do i know the username and password?<BR>ie. what to write in"connectionstring","userid","password"<BR> please help

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    You&#039re asking a few different questions here. Getting a website up is completely dependant on how you want to go about it. Here are 2 questions for you:<BR><BR>1) Do you want to host the site yourself on your own server?<BR>2) Does your ISP provide you with hosting services? (webspace, DNS?)<BR><BR> As for the DB question,<BR><BR>3) Did you create the DB yourself? If so, did you assign username & password access to it?<BR>4) What kind of database is it? Access? SQL? And how do you plan to access it? DSN?<BR><BR> - Jeff

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