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    I am trying to make an SQL statement involving 3 tables (one of which (Centres) is an intermediate table linking the other two.<BR><BR>I get "Syntax error in FROM clause..." It works OK in Access. Any ideas? <BR><BR>strSQL = "SELECT Person.Password, ProjServices.ProjectID " & _ <BR>"FROM (Centres INNER JOIN Person ON Centres.CentreID = Person.CentreID) " & _ <BR>"INNER JOIN ProjServices ON Centres.CentreID = ProjServices.CentreID " & _<BR>"WHERE ProjServices.ProjectID=" & intProjID & ""

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    You don&#039t state which database you are using, but I assume it is SQL Server. If so, why not plug this into the Query Analyzer and see what it says?

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    Default It works in Access...

    I use Access and its working fine there...

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