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    Could anybody tell me if I can create a logfile with asp? And how I do this? Thanks

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    Hi There...<BR><BR>1. Get IIS to create the Log files for you. It will be more<BR>comprehensive ! This is accpmplished in the Web Setting Properties under the IIS MMConsole.<BR><BR>2. Alternatively, you can use create ASP performance reports on many of the refined ASP events (responses/requests/processer usage/bandwidth etc). This will be under the Admin tools from the Start/Programs menu...<BR><BR>3. If you have a specific requirement, log any ASP stuff using the Filesystem Object to Create text files on particular ASP events. Or you can use a database. My guess is you will be logging most of the Servervariable properties, which IIS logs anyway through the Web properties MMC console !<BR><BR>Hope this waffling helps.....<BR><BR>IQ

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    Thanks for the tip!

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