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    Bhushan Guest

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    How to prevent an user from using the back button of the browser<BR>once he logs out or signs out?

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    James Bond Guest

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    Just close the window as soon as he clicks the logout button or link

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    Bhushan Guest

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    I dont want to close the browser.<BR>Please somebody give me a solution

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    James Bond Guest

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    Just visit the site Http://www.hungama.com and if you know anybody there tell them to send you the source code of that

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    Skid Guest

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    Tried using a session variable? such as Loggedin?<BR><BR>I used this on my page - in a function, so if Loggedin = False, then I exited the function. therefore, all the user saw on the page was:<BR><BR>Invalid Login. Please &#060;A HFRE=&#039login.asp&#039&#062;Try Again&#060;/A&#062;

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    Response.cacheControl=private<BR>and Response.Expires=0 together<BR>Response.ExpiresAbsolute = #1/1/1999#<BR><BR>try these.. <BR><BR>let me know if they work<BR><BR>brij <BR>dev_dj@yahoo.com

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