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    chandra sekhara rao Guest

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    Hi friends,<BR> Today only I started learning xml from have a question on basics as follows...<BR> For example I have a table in the MSAccess database with 6 fields and total 4 records are there.I want to show 2 records based on a condition i done it using ASP and HTML .Its working fine. <BR> But I am planning to use xml for this application.If i go for xml what is the use and in what way we can benift.I am not getting the clear difference b/w describe and define of information.Could u please resolve my problem and give me ur valuable suggestions and books for mastering in XML.<BR>My mailid is<BR>REgards<BR>chandu

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    nath Guest

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    Rewrite your question/confusion clearly. Its not clear.<BR><BR>nath

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    Jim B. Guest

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    The initial question had a great deal of potential. Being a beginning XMLite myself, I would have been interested in the idea presented in the inquiry and the response. I think I understood the question, but not sure.<BR><BR>Thanks for all that you people contribute to this site and forum. I truly enjoy cruising the forums and gain valuable knowledge in doing so. I have found numerous solutions to many of my own problems right here.<BR><BR>Keep up the great work!

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