Hi guys,<BR><BR>Can anyone shows me the correct syntax for manuplation dates in the following situations. For your information, my current date setting is in the format of "11/9/00 12:10:00 PM" ... (If I use response.write(now) to display it)<BR><BR><BR>1. How to display date (Field Name "LastModified", Type "date" in "Oracle") in the format of "09 Nov 2000 09:00 AM" ?<BR><BR>My initial statement is ... response.write(rs("LastModified")). Which function and parameters should I be using in order to produce the above format ?<BR><BR><BR>2. How to insert/update the current date into the table in Oracle using the sql statement so that it will be saved in the above format as well ?<BR><BR>It works well in SQL if I use the following statement (using datetime as field type)<BR><BR>mysql = "insert into myTable(LastModified) values(&#039"& now &"&#039)"<BR><BR>However this does not work in Oracle. it gives an error, then I decided to try ... TO_DATE(&#039"& now &"&#039, &#039DD MON YYYY HH24:MI:SS&#039) and it still dont work, can anyone help ?<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Lo<BR>