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    we developed a site by using ASP.Now we want to host the site at the clients place with his own setup.Now there is lot of chance to the client to see the code in the files and if he wants to modify he can.But we dont want the client to see or modify the code even the files are avilable on his machine.Is there any method to prevent like this.Its very urgent.Please suggest.

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    Once you put the code on a machine that he has access to ... he can view & modify the code. If they can understand what it is you have done, and if they have any common sense at all they will be able to figure it out through trial & error. I dont think you can control or prevent them from doing anything to the code once you give it to them.

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    About the best you could do would be to "obfuscate" the code.<BR><BR>Change all the variable names to one letter or one letter and one number. Put multiple statements on one long line. Mix up the order of code, on purpose, where it doesn&#039t matter (e.g., put SUBs and FUNCTIONs in weird places in the page).<BR><BR>But overall...NO. Nothing. <BR><BR>If you had more time, you could change some of your VBScript code into VB and compile it into a DLL. Assuming you have the expertise to do that.<BR><BR>You know, quite frankly, there is nothing you could possibly do in simple-minded old ASP that I could imagine would be so proprietary it would matter. I can pretty much guarantee you that there are hundreds of ASPers out there who could take a look at how your pages work and at the HTML they produce (by doing View &#124 Source in the browser) and then duplicate your efforts really, really fast.<BR><BR>

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    Default Macromedia Flash!

    I have no idea what you sites does or how it works, but you should try Macromedia Flash 5. Earlier flashes gave you a fair bit of interactivity, but the new version has increased the scripting capabilities, and you can do all sorts of fancy forms, etc, interact with Javascript. Download thirty-day trial from www.macromedia.com and do the tutorial that come with it. I am sure that you will be impressed.

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