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    Glen Guest

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    using ms-sql 7, in the same way you might use an &#039autonumber&#039 (identifier) is there a way of getting ms-sql to insert a datestamp when a record is created?<BR><BR>i&#039ve noticed a var type of &#039datastamp&#039 but all it appears to insert is &#060;Binary&#062; --i&#039m looking to insert a simple datestamp string of: "01 Oct 1999"<BR><BR>thanks

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    Jairo Guest

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    Glen,<BR>Create an ordinary datetime field, let&#039s say date_created.<BR>Use a DEFAULT on that field as getdate(). That will set it automatically each time an INSERT is executed on that table. Keep in mind that is for INSERT. Any subsequent UPDATES are not handled here.<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Jairo<BR>

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