for a smart *** ASPer I&#039m just coming to terms with running my first dedicated NT win2000 and setting up the basics.<BR><BR>first up is ASPMAIL 4.0 from serverobjects.<BR><BR>I&#039ve installed the component and have tried running a basic test to try it out with no success with the following error-<BR><BR>554 5.5.2 No valid recipients<BR><BR>&#062;quote:<BR><BR>"The SMTP server is looking at your FromAddress and determining that it doesn&#039t know who you are. Some SMTP servers are configured to disallow the "relaying" or transfer of mail originating from addresses outside of its own domain. The only solution is to provide a FromAddress that&#039s local to the SMTP server&#039s domain or get the operator of the SMTP server to allow the FromAddress you are using. This setting is commonly used by ISP&#039s to prevent spammers from using their resources."<BR><BR>Mailer.RemoteHost = ""<BR>Mailer.FromAddress = ""<BR>xxxxxx = myprivateDomain<BR><BR>how do I get the SMTP server to allow the email, it is local to the DNS which is new and may have a conflict. God knows where you modify that setting in IIS.<BR><BR>Advice on running and manging an NT seems appropriate at this stage! I&#039m kind of in at the deep end with little documentation.