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    I have a form that contains about 20 controls. The target of the form is currently set to "_blank," so the result winds up in a new IE window (IE5, btw).<BR><BR>The way I want the form to work going forward is that when the user clicks the submit button, three different results are sent to three frames, with one control changing from frame to frame.<BR><BR>For example, I set my controls to "Totals", "Sales", and "Hardware", and I want frame A to be populated with alesperson=John, frame B with alesperson=Mary, and frame C with alesperson=Frank.<BR><BR>I don&#039t want to utilize any server code because I don&#039t have permission to modify the server, so this will have to be done via VBScript, JavaScript, or straight HTML. <BR><BR>Possible?

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    using javascript<BR><BR>&#060;form action="framespage.html" method="get"&#062;<BR><BR>....<BR><BR>in the frames page, use javascript to document.write the frameset<BR><BR>document.write(&#039&#060;frame src="mycgi.exe&#039 + + &#039&salesperson=John" /&#062;&#039);<BR><BR>etc... etc...<BR><BR>j

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    You can use<BR>&#060;a href="#" onclick="parent.frame_name1.location=& com&#039<BR> parent.frame_name2.location=&< BR> parent.frame_name3.location=&" &#062;<BR><BR>Hope this works.<BR>Arvind

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