Question: <Binary> datatype in fldDate?

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Thread: Question: <Binary> datatype in fldDate?

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    As the title sugest I have a table in a database containing a field called fldDate and the datatype is set to Binary.<BR><BR>How can I use this field? Does it really contain a Date? What should the datatype be using SQL Server 7.0?

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    This is what my online reference says of type Binary data<BR>SOURCE: "Getting Started with SQL Server 7.0"<BR><BR>Binary Data<BR>Binary data consists of hexadecimal numbers. For example, the decimal number 245 is hexadecimal F5. Binary data is stored using the binary, varbinary, and image data types in Microsoft® SQL Server™. A column that is assigned the binary data type must have the same fixed length (up to 8 KB) for each row. In a column that is assigned the varbinary data type, entries can vary in the number of hexadecimal digits (up to 8 KB) they contain. <BR>

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