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    Greetings,<BR><BR>I&#039ve got two tables: News and NewsDetails linked to each other. If one row in News is deleted all related rows in NewsDetails are deleted automaticly by the database (access). All this works, but gives the following error:<BR><BR>When I delete a row in News from within ASP while an other recordset has got NewsDetails open on a related row, I can&#039t move NewsDetails or change it&#039s Filter-property. I get the following error: 80040e23 (row is deleted) when I connect with OLEDB. ODBC gives a far more general error.<BR><BR>I can solve this by putting "on error resume next" in front of this, but I don&#039t like this solution. Does anybody know what I should really do?<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR>Bart Mortelmans<BR>

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    Default Show us your code! We cannot read your mind!!!!

    What kind of cursor and locktype are you using. <BR><BR>I suspect you have relationships set up in your Access DB, to enforce referential integrity(RI). I have stopped using this mechanism in my online databases, because it causes problems. It is so easy to look after RI via program logic.<BR><BR>Anyway, why the hell are you trying to delete a row in your master table while you have a recordset open on one of the related tables? Why not just making sure that the other recordset is closed before you do your delete? <BR><BR>If it is a problem with concurrent access by multiple users, then there is a problem with your design.

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