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    I am sending a cookie to the user using this code:<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("SavedLogin")("UName ") = strUserName<BR>Response.Cookies("SavedLogin")("PW" ) = strPassword<BR>Response.Cookies("SavedLogin").Expi res = Date + 30<BR><BR>This does not hide the password in the cookie, is there some way to make the cookie unreadable in the cookie? When I go into the cookie, I see UName=SomeName PW=SomePassword, I want the password to be hidden. Thanks<BR><BR>Shaun

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    A cookie is nothing more than a text document. You can&#039t "hide" the value in the cookie, otherwise you wouldn&#039t be able to read it!<BR><BR>You can encrypt it. You can search this site for many ways to encrypt the password. One of the most simplest ways is to convert the password into ASCII format (i.e., A = 65, B = 66, etc). Then, unencrypt it when you&#039re trying to verify the password.

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