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    Paco Marin Guest

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    I&#039m doing a login page. For that I&#039ve done a DB with a few fields, like:User, password, name,telephone...<BR>Now, I would like than this password was encrypting to nobody could see it directily in the data base.<BR>Please, could anybody help me how can I do this easily?<BR>Thanks.

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    Louis Toyama Guest

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    I don&#039t really know if ASP has an encryption package, but you can write you own encryption algorithm. Goto www.excite.com and search for ENCRYPTION. You will findout there are a lot of way to implement. Choose the one that you think is the best. After you understand the method, write 2 procedures: one is encrypt used when you write into a database, and another is decrypt used when you retrieve a password from a database. Email me at louis@gsu.edu if you could not find one. Good luck :)

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