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    i was using "AdRotator" but had a little problem<BR>i wrote (set Ad=server.createobject(MSWC.AdRotator))<BR><BR>the n use that getAdvertisement and gave the image path<BR><BR>but when i called that asp file the server gets slow<BR>and all site stopped working(in the office)<BR><BR>Kindly tell me why is this happening<BR>

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    so you created it right ...<BR>then you ... Ad.GetAdvertisement("/path/imageName.ext")? <BR><BR>But don&#039t you need to give the "details of the advertisement" to the GetAdvertisement method? In all the examples I see in my books they seem to send schedule files which contain: <BR>1. a link to an image.<BR>2. an optional url for a link<BR>3. a comment that the browser associates with the graphic<BR>4 a relative frequency with which to display the ad<BR><BR>for each of the ad they intend to cycly through.<BR><BR>SOURCE .... WROX Beginning ASP 2.0 and other books

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