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    Default ASP + Access Example anywhere?

    Hi,<BR><BR>I am looking for an example on how to build a ASP front end to edit / =manage Access database on he Web Server. There are numerous articles on the Web, but none of them includes a sample of the Access database in the files that can be downloaded, but ASP&#039s only.<BR><BR>Since ASP&#039s without the depend on the structure of the database (names of tables, columns,.. etc, the ASP&#039s without the .mdb are not really useful.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Ivan<BR>

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    Default Okay, here is one:

    I have a demo at that shows how I do "paging" through a database table. It is the last demo on the page.<BR><BR>If you read the instructions for the demo, you will go to the demo, you will see that the name of the DB (and table to use) is specified by the user. So you could put in your *own* db and table name, to test and see how it works. Further, *both* the ".mdb" files I mention are freely available for download there.<BR><BR>Just try downloading and<BR> as well as viewing the source code and copy/pasting it to your own page.<BR><BR>But I do encourage you to the create your own Access DB and table, with at least 4 columns or so, and try it out, as well!<BR><BR>

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