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Thread: Sending asp data to a java program

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    I have previously written asp pages that send data back to web browser as asp pages, within html tags.<BR>But now i want to know if i can gather data from the database, put it into a string (perhaps)? and send it on to a java program<BR>any ideas on how/where to start?<BR>Tahnks in advance for any help

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    Default Clarify

    Are you talking about sending ASP data to client side JavaSCRIPT? Java and JavaScript are two entirely different things. It&#039s quite easy to send to both. Which are you talking about?

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    Ok, here goes:<BR>I have a Java program on a server that will pass parameters to a relevant .asp file on an asp server. The data that is returned will be, for eg, number of records returned. This data will be mixed up in the html tags and &#039normal&#039 text. I want the java program to be able to identify certain data returned, so i&#039d like to put certain data sent back into some string that java prog will easily see.<BR>I know that this is a complicated process, but thats how i have to do it!<BR>any ideas of what i need to hard code into the asp files???<BR>Thanks.

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