conn.BeginTrans generates an Error.

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Thread: conn.BeginTrans generates an Error.

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    Snehal Shah Guest

    Default conn.BeginTrans generates an Error.

    Hi.<BR>I have processing asp page in which I have delete, insert and update query. So I have tried to use conn.BeginTrans, conn.CommitTrans and RollbackTrans. I have On Error Resume Next at the start of page. Error Handler is in another file. If Error occurs, I rollback the transaction. So my code starts like this.<BR><BR>conn.BeginTrans<BR>If Err.Number &#060;&#062; 0 then<BR> DisplayError arguments to function.<BR>End if<BR><BR>strSQL = "delete from abc where xyz = 123"<BR>conn.Execute strSQL <BR>If Err.Number &#060;&#062; 0 then<BR> DisplayError arguments to function.<BR>End if<BR><BR>But, BeginTrans gives me error and I could not figure out the reason why ?<BR><BR>I would really appreciate any help.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Snehal

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    ActiveALLI Guest

    Default RE: conn.BeginTrans generates an Error.

    try <BR><BR>conn.BeginTrans()<BR><BR><BR>;o)<BR><BR>

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