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    I know not related to ASP as such...<BR>Is there a way I can suppress the footer when printing a page (I dont want the user to know the ASP name and parameters passed)<BR>Thanks<BR>Sam

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    You could use the &#039post&#039 method instead of the &#039get&#039 method to submit your data to the asp page. This does not append the parameters to the url, instaed it encodes them in the page.<BR>You then need to retreive them using<BR>Request.Form("field")<BR>instead of<BR>Request.QueryString("field")<BR><BR>This would mean that only the name of the page would be printed on the page footer. I don&#039t know how to turn this off but you could place the asp page in a frameset so that when the page is printed, only the frameset page name is printed.<BR>At the end of the day if poeple really want to see the name of a page, there is no way you can stop them.

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