I was wondering if anyone can take a look below and give an idea of what is happening on the server. ie.(dll&#039s being invoked, process running, ect...)<BR><BR>You will notice duplicated file names, thats because this site uses frames and the same SSI&#039s are used by all framed pages.<BR><BR>If you need more info just let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Global.asa<BR>Index.asp<BR> ·include1.asp (SSI)<BR>Index2.asp <BR> ·include2.asp (SSI)<BR>navpage1.asp<BR> ·include1.asp (SSI)<BR> ·include2.asp (SSI)<BR>navpage2.asp<BR> ·include1.asp (SSI)<BR>Display.asp<BR>navpage2.asp<BR> ·include1.asp (SSI)<BR> ·include2.asp (SSI)<BR>feature1.asp<BR> ·include1.asp (SSI)<BR> ·include2.asp (SSI)<BR>feature2.asp<BR> ·include1.asp (SSI)<BR> ·include2.asp (SSI)<BR>feature3.asp<BR> ·include1.asp (SSI)<BR> ·include2.asp (SSI)<BR>feature4.asp<BR> ·include1.asp (SSI)<BR> ·include2.asp (SSI)<BR>feature4.asp<BR> ·include1.asp (SSI)<BR> ·include2.asp (SSI)<BR>feature5.asp<BR> ·include1.asp (SSI)<BR> ·include2.asp (SSI)<BR>feature.asp<BR> ·include1.asp (SSI)<BR> ·include2.asp (SSI)<BR>